I am the Cryer of Briarwood  


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25/02/2018 2:28 pm  

My name is David Prather, though many people know me as the Cryer at the Kentucky Highland Renaissance Festival. I'm here mainly to see where this goes and how it gets there - I enjoy watching knife makers work, and greatly admire their work, though (or maybe because) I'm not able to make them myself because of a medical issue. I'm going to be very interested in watching this site develop 🙂


A.J. Drew
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27/02/2018 10:54 pm  

Thank you for participating.  I do plan on lots of tutorials and demonstrations on video but have to wait for the season to start.  Then I gotta snooker people into filming it.  Got my eyes on Kate but thinking maybe she only does stills.  Either way, that young lady has some great eyes.


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