Support an Independent Artist

Our Farm and Forge was established by A.J. Drew and Family as more than a  business.  We have great things planned for Farm, Forge, and community.  We are not Walmart or corporate America in any sense.  We could use a bit of support.  So do most Independent Artists.

If you would like to do something as simple as gifting some money, we are not too proud to accept it.  Just click the donation button and enter any amount.  If you would like to purchase one of our hand made products, that would be very well recieved.  If you would like rewards, please consider becoming a patron.  If instead of supporting our forging efforts, please consider visiting our Farm Website

Become a Patron.  Receive Rewards

If you would like to support an Independent Artist and will accept a growing list of rewards for your monthly support, please consider becoming a Patron with a monthly subscription to Renaissance Creations.  As a reward,  receive a great discount clearly marked on most products and a growing list of other rewards

Link our Page.  Spread the Word

Maybe the best way to help is to simply link to our page, share our information, and help spread the word.  As you might have figured out by now, we do not exactly have an advertising budget.

Shop Our Online Store

Hand forged knives and other items created by A.J. Drew and visiting artisans.  We are not Walmart.  Everything in our online store was individually hand made.