Sgian-dubh – 6 1/2 Inches


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This is the first knife I am offering for 2018.  It represents the first time I attempted to pour a pewter bolster in place.  Minor casting flaws one one side testify to that fact.  While the pour seems solid, a surface air pocket formed on one side leaving an imperfection.  In fact, this blade was one of the earliest I forged.  I am not sure how long ago I forged the blade, but I finished it just after New Year’s day of 2018.

The antler was from a piece brought back by my dogs.  I believe it is shed as I doubt a hunter would have left antler out in the woods.  I am fairly sure it came from a white tail dear as they are very prolific in and around our farm.  I hollowed it out with a small rasp about 3/4 of the way threw. The antler hilt has been finished with hand rubbed tung oil.

The blade was hand forged from 1075 high quality steel.  I quenched and heat treated it to approximately 55 on the Rockwell scale, making it resilient, easy to resharpen in the field, but able to hold an edge for a fair amount of work.  The tang runs approximately 3/4 the length of the hilt.

The pewter bolster was cast in place.  Because I hollowed out the antler wider than the tang is thick, the pewter bolster actually runs inside the antler.  It completely covers the area where blade meets tang, lending extras support to the area on any knife that is most likely to fail.

This handmade knife does not yet include a sheath.  Once  get one made, I will continue to offer this knife at a slightly higher price.


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