Sgian Dubh, Damascus – 6 1/2 inches


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For a pattern welded Damascus blade, I am putting a very low price on this Sgian Dub because it does not represent my current level of skill. The blade is some of my earliest pattern welded Damascus steel. It was forge welded from 5160, 1095 and 1075. The combination does not make for a very high contrast, so I etched it only lightly with rice vinegar. Although strong enough for most tasks, it is also not the best example of my ability to forge weld. I have become much better, in part due to building a 100 ton forging press. Although the blade was forged about a decade ago, I just finished it recently. This is one of six blades I forgot about in an old tool box.

The bulk of the hilt is white tail deer antler. At top is a small section of bog oak. At bottom, a pommel of cherry wood. The cherry pommel was added as an end cap as the antler was hollowed out to allow the tang to go almost to the end.

Overall length is about 6 1/2 inches.
Does not come with sheath.


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